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September 17, 2010


Haul it Louisville Guy

I live in Louisville,Ky and the local company that handles electronic waste sales the waste the collect to China which we all know does not do the right thing with it. I do not think that is really the best place for it to go.

Computer Disposal Organisation

Not only does it reduce landfill but also keeps computer recycling in line with all the other waste streams. It is essential that our I.T hardware is disposed of in an ethical way as this is a potentially dangerous situation.

Computer Recyling Australia

In consonance with the aim of sustainable development, computer recycling or any other electronic waste for that matter should be really given serious attention. Millions of tons of ewaste is produced every year. These massive volume emits harmful substances that are detrimental to people. It's great to see more and more people giving importance on the subject matter. Very informative post. Thanks.

Computer Recycling Manchester

It is critical that IT equipment recyclers like ourselves move towards producing recycling schemes for the public domain as expressed by your article. We are always looking into new methods to produce a greener Britain.

Skip Hire Birmingham

It is vital that we recycle as many electrical items as we can, they contain many harmful metals and chemicals.

IT Equipment Recycling UK

Only a sustained and sincere effort to consider the environment as our primary responsibility can ensure the acceptance of recycling as a way of life.

circuit board scrap

Thanks for sharing your written about recycle electronics discussion. I think your posting is unique all of same types articles. Because i have a site of circuit board scrap products.


It is paramount that they do this as we are accustomed to but as more and more Computer Recycling Companies are arriving it is important to maintain the standards of hard rive destruction and computer recyling from a trusted company.

London computer monitor recycling

This is a pretty sad state of affairs, however, fear not! In the UK, many businesses offer similar services to yours, but target businesses only. In effect, it's had an opposite effect with hundreds of computer/ electroncis recycling companies springing up. The difference? They offer data security to businesses. Producer responsibility probably hasn't had the same effect in the EU

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